What I’m Doing Now

I live in a one-room apartment right in the heart of beautiful Munich, Germany. I’m focused on:

  • Finishing my Master’s Thesis at Technical University of Munich. I have to hand it in September 1st, 2019.
  • Sending out daily micro-blogs at Empty Your Cup. It’s my new, daily newsletter in the spirit of Bruce Lee. It’s meant to help you find balance through old wisdom, new perspectives, and a dose of zen.
  • Growing Better Marketing on Medium. I’m the publisher of this magazine, which aims to help you with every aspect of being an ethical, happy marketer who gets the job done.
  • Curating 4-5 posts each day in my Quora Space, Rational Habits. I don’t write as much on the platform, but this way, I can still engage with the community daily. It’s fun!
  • Managing Four Minute Books. That means working with my editor to make sure we publish three free book summaries on the site each week. I plan on writing some premium guides and books for this later.

That’s it! For irregular updates on my best writations, sign up here.

Last update: July 7, 2019.