What I’m Doing Now

I live in a one-room apartment right in the heart of beautiful Munich, Germany. I’m focused on:

  • Publishing as many great essays and articles as I can on Medium. It’s the most fun, makes good money, and constantly forces me to grow as a writer. All of my posts are part of Medium’s Partner Program aka metered paywall, but if you’re on my newsletter, you can read all pieces I send there for free.
  • Growing and monetizing Four Minute Books. I work with my managing editor Luke Rowley to ensure we publish a new book summary every day (yes, you read that right, if you want the weekly roundup, get it here). We’re also working on our own line of products, new social media channels, and more free tools and useful content.
  • Building out sales infrastructure for my flagship writing course, Write Like A Pro. In over 130 videos, I teach everything I know about writing. I just released a free, 5-day email course for people to get started. Now, I’m busy gathering data about conversions, optimizing the customer onboarding, and wading into Facebook ads.
  • Growing Better Marketing on Medium. As the publisher of this magazine with over one million monthly views, I work with over 500 authors to help you be an ethical, happy marketer who gets the job done.
  • Curating 4-5 posts each day in my Quora Space, Rational Habits. I don’t write as much on the platform, but this way, I can still engage with the community on the regular. It’s fun and since its inception in December 2018, the Space has grown to an unbelievable 200,000+ followers.

That’s it! For more personal, infrequent updates on my best writations and what’s new, sign up here.

Last update: June 3, 2020.