About Me – My life beyond the comfort zone

Do you hate those people that power through their to-do lists, when you struggle to go the gym once a week?

Are they just a different ‘breed’ of people?


I’ve successfully coached over 200 people with everything from motivation problems to alcohol addictions.

I know what works and what doesn’t…

Most of all because I’ve been there.

My name is Niklas Goeke and I’m the head action taker, habit coach and pizza proponent here at niklasgoeke.com.

This is me on the 20th of June 2012:


It’s lucky I took a photo, because this was the day when everything in my life started to change.

If my life were to be pictured in a graph showing awesomeness over time, THIS would be the day it stopped flatlining and started skyrocketing towards infinity.


At the time I was…

  • single, and nowhere near a meaningful relationship (or even confident enough to talk to a real girl for that matter),
  • very shy, fearful, and constantly worried about what everyone else thought of me,
  • suffering from bad habits like nail biting, little exercise and lots of procrastination,
  • had no clue what I wanted in life, so I just did my best to please everyone,

but my best friend had just sent me this article by James Altucher.

It talked about doing what he calls The Daily Practice’, where you improve in the four key areas of your life – mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally – by just 1% each day.

1%?! You must think that’s…not very inspiring!

But to me, 1% was perfect. It was the ONLY kind of change I felt capable of making in that moment.

So, I signed up and got started.

Here’s the kicker: I’ve continued to do this practice EVERY SINGLE DAY since then.

Check out my gratitude streak for example:


For the past 1000+ days I’ve come up with 3 things I’m grateful for. And that’s just ONE of countless good habits I’ve developed over the past 3 years.

This tiny spark of change ignited a fire of transformation.

I started reading blog after blog, learning new techniques and for the first time, taking action.

In terms of life improvement all hell broke loose, and today I am much healthier and happier for it.

In the past 12 months alone I have:

  • Started my own freelance business after graduating college, now generating over $1,500 per month WITHOUT having to get a job or relying on my parents to pay the bills.
  • Found the love of my life (on Tinder, who would’ve guessed?) after finally starting to put myself out there.
  • Coached over 150 people through coach.me helping them get the same astonishing results, such as quitting alcohol for over 70 days or finally developing a morning routine.
  • Bootstrapped a successful blog about habits and self-improvement to over 3,000 monthly readers and 1,000 email subscribers.

I want to help you get the same results

People have had great results from my coaching.

But I want more.

That’s why I’ve started to distill the best lessons from my journey into actionable, step-by-step instructions, right here on my blog.

Here’s the deal:

  1. I try new habits, techniques and challenges.
  2. I share my findings in the form of practical tutorials so YOU can start implementing what works.

You’ll learn stuff like:

And these aren’t ‘fluff’ articles.

My goal of each and every single post is to give you actionable steps that you can follow the moment you stop reading.

See, I don’t want you to just read my articles and feel inspired for 10 seconds.

That may be okay for other bloggers, but it doesn’t wash with me.

My blog posts are 10% WHY and 90% HOW.

For example…

Everyone knows you should stop multitasking, or sleep earlier, but no one does it.

Why? Because 10 generic tips for a good night’s sleep just don’t cut it.

Are you warm and cosy? Good, let’s change that.

The reason I was able to transform my life?


I broke out of my comfort zone.

For example…

When I started improving by 1% each day, I had to keep a diary of my progress.

Naturally, it felt a little weird.

What kind of adult keeps a diary, I thought?

The reason it felt weird was because it was simply way out of my comfort zone.

If you come away from this remembering only one thing it should be this…

Every step outside your comfort zone is a step towards happiness.

This is great news! Happiness is only one short step away.

It also means you have to get up off the couch, leave your comfy desk chair and maybe take a cold shower every once in a while.

Do you feel like a mindless zombie, wandering through life with your eyes half-closed?

That’s because you’re permanently living in your comfort zone.

I’m here to restart your heart.

I hope to inspire you to try something new.

Switch your milk for water, drop coffee for a month, go to bed earlier for a week, tackle projects a different way.

Just make an effort to become better. Do what I did. Start with 1%.

Who knows, maybe you’ll build up momentum to change your life in ways you never imagined…

I would love to help you take your first step today.

Sign up now and every week you’ll get the latest lesson “from life beyond the comfort zone”.

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I guarantee 100% privacy and 100% awesome content.

Trust me, these guys would know:


Random pieces of the puzzle

  • Practiced football freestyle for 3 years and was among the best in Germany – when there’s a football around, I’m the life of the party!
  • The forest is my favorite type of nature. The beach is nice and all, but nothing beats a walk amidst gigantic trees, surrounded by animal sounds and the smell of fresh grass.
  • I love cars. I could talk about cars for an entire evening. Especially BMWs. I did an internship with them for 6 months, which did not exactly change that either.
  • I go swimming on a regular basis, to counteract my chronic knee problems. I also love bodyweight training and my kettlebell. I picked up running in 2015, which I never thought possible, and ran my first 10k in under an hour in June.
  • Although I do like taking pictures (my favorite subject: sunsets and nature), I’m more of a video guy. I genuinely enjoy shooting and also editing video, as well as syncing it with music. Feel free to check out my Youtube channel!
  • I’m a minimalist. It’s an ongoing process, but I try to minimize useless possessions and activities in order to maximize my time for the important things in life.
  • Whenever I travel, I only pack for 7 days maximum, the rest I figure out along the way. Favorite places: Boston, Japan, N Seoul Tower, California, Seattle, Lake Horseshoe Bend and Hawai’i (yes, that’s how you actually spell it – I’m also a bit of a grammar nerd).

Thank you for being here, I’m glad to have you be part of our awesome gang of action takers!