Recently, I realized 99% of the things I create are ultimately the result of me writing words in one form or another. It’d be cool to say I’m a coder, Youtuber or entrepreneur, but I’m not. I’m a writer. I do alright with WordPress, Mailchimp, HTML, and all the other tech stuff, but I only ever master these to the point where they enable me to package the words the way they need to be packaged.

I’ve decided to embrace this fact and to remember it, I’m dubbing my projects “Writations” from now on.

Writings + Creations = Writations!

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Weekly Writations

Quora: I’m answering at least one question per day. Two land in the newsletter: the one I’m most proud of and the one that’s gotten the best feedback. To see all of them, you can follow me there.

The Blog: I’ll publish a new article every week. Sometimes it’ll be a very long guide, sometimes just a short article about whatever I’m interested in. No rules. The sky’s the limit.

Four Minute Books: I’ve written 365 book summaries in 2016. This is the result. For your convenience, I’ve listed them all on one page too. I’ll continue to publish a new summary every Thursday this year.

Medium: I’ll republish excerpts, articles and some of my best Quora answers there, which allows me to edit and improve what I’ve written.


How To Google: My very first ebook, which I’m still proud of today. I’m always shocked at how many questions people ask me, which I know can be solved with Google in a matter of seconds. And not just basic ones. This teaches you how to craft the perfect search through eliminating, rephrasing and inferring, then shows you all of Google’s built-in features to make searching lightning fast and lastly explains how to get incredibly focused search results by using advanced search operators. Tons of screenshots included.

Build A Business Guide: In April 2016, I shared an exact breakdown of how I built Four Minute Books on the SumoMe blog. This includes how I came up with the idea, validated it, streamlined the writing process to publish daily, as well as how I went about SEO, collecting emails and promotion. Turned it into a bonus PDF. You can read the original article here.

10 Free Ways To Increase Your Willpower In 1 Minute Or Less: Short ebook I created based on one of my most popular Medium posts.


7 Days Of Leaving Your Comfort Zone: A set of seven challenges to help you gradually step out of your comfort zone, both written and with videos of me doing the challenges alongside you. Gets more difficult with each lesson. Doesn’t require a (free) coach.me membership, but if you have one you can add it to your dashboard and track your progress.

Hack Studying: 14 Days To A Study Schedule That Works: This course will help you get organized and structure your work with 14 to-do’s spread across two weeks. Ideal for college students, but can also be used to get on top of projects at your job. Helpful for independent creatives as well. Costs $9.99, but is based on this guest post, of mine. Just adds more structure and makes it easier to follow through.

Break A Bad Habit In 30 Days: Gives you a month of daily instructions guiding you all the way through selecting a bad habit you want to break, designing your environment to make it less tempting, setting up a reward system and using feedback loops to make it through. Costs $9.99 and is based on the framework I described here.

Master Productivity: A free, 14-day email course I made to aggregate everything I’ve learned about productivity in five massive guides spanning 15,000 words. Outlines a complete end-to-end system, covering everything from setting goals, breaking them down, managing your to-do list to designing an evening and morning routine, as well as minimize distractions.

Time 2 Read: Takes you from zero to regular reader in two weeks with seven lessons, each containing a story, a principle you can use for life and an experiment you can run to get yourself on track.


The Bad Habit 30 Day Checklist: Bonus PDF with all of the steps from Break A Bad Habit In 30 Days. Not as detailed as the course, but also based on the post.

The Bad Habit Breaker Quiz: Shows you which one of three ways to break a bad habit works best for you. More info here.

Own Your Success: An Instagram account I’ve created as part of a challenge who could grow the fastest. Made it to 1,000 followers in 10 days, then went on to 2,000 before putting this on hold. Came up with over 250 quotes, all of which you can download in one neat zip file here.

Destroy Your Inner Multitasker: A 1-hour live training I did to help people stop multitasking by learning about the science behind it and implementing some of the most important anti-procrastination changes of all the 32 ones I’ve listed in this post.

The 31 Best Motivational Books Ever Written: A massive, 10,000+ word list I’ve created, showcasing what I believe to be the world’s most inspiring books, both fiction and non-fiction, designed as beautiful, shareable index cards. Includes a brief summary of each book, sales numbers, why it’s motivating in the first place and my favorite quote.