Sorry, what you’re looking for is gone…but maybe I can send it to you!

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s not here any more. I’m sorry about that!

If you came here looking for a bonus I promised somewhere, the reason you got redirected here is the following:

As of 2017, I’ve decided to stop asking for emails in exchange for bonuses. If something comes with a bonus, I’ll just include it and link right to it, period. I think this will make your reading experience better, plus, bribing people is just stupid.

Sadly, my previous bonuses have been all over the place, which makes it impossible to keep track of all of them or offer them in one, centralized place without confusing you. But since you’ve already gone through the trouble of getting here, I’d love to dig up the particular bonuses you’re looking for and personally send them to you.

There are two ways we can do this. Ultimately, I only want people signing up for the newsletter who really want to hear from me.

Ergo, if you did like what you just read elsewhere and want to sign up anyway, you can do so below.

Simply reply to the first email you get, tell me which post of mine you’ve read and I’ll send you your bonuses.

If you don’t want to sign up and just want to get the bonuses, please send me a short note through this contact form.

Thanks for understanding, I’m trying to make this website the best thing it can be for you, and this is part of that effort!

See ya!