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How a 20-year old kid came back from the dead to become a bestselling author
"You can't do that."
How often have you heard these 4 soul-crushing words?
Well, they're a lie.
Hal is living proof that these 4 words are just plain wrong.
On December 3rd, 1999 at 11:32 PM, Hal Elrod was hit by a car and declared dead for 6 minutes.
But he came back. His doctors thought it was a miracle. 
Unfortunately, after waking up from the following 6 day-coma, they had bad news: He would never walk again.
Today Hal is a bestselling author, world-renowned keynote speaker and teaches thousands of people.
Oh, and he also runs ultra-marathons. Not marathons. Ultra-marathons.
How do you go from being dead to that?
Can ONE habit be responsible for 80% of your success?
6 months ago I started studying Hal's life, and I learned something mind-blowing.
As it turns out, one single habit is all it took to turn his life around completely.You see, Hal didn't believe what his doctors said. Every morning he got up and faced life. 
He learned to walk again. He got his job back. He found love again.
But that's not how life works and in 2007 he had to face depression and a $425,000 mountain of debt.
Eventually, he discovered his true miracle: a morning routine.
Every day he dedicated a small amount of time to growing as a person, and you should too. That's how Hal got out of debt, started selling 10,000+ books and speaking in front of hundreds of people.
Do you know how much better you'll be, if you improve 1% every day for a year?
In one year's time, you could be a version of yourself that's 38 times better than who you are today.
This one habit can help you become exactly who you need to be to solve your problems and turn your life around.
“Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life.”
Hal Elrod, Bestselling author of 'The Miracle Morning'
Can you become just as successful as Hal, even if you're starting at zero?
If you've ever been frustrated, because you can't seem to take action, then boy will we get along.
My name is Niklas Goeke. I'm a freelance writer and habit coach, and I believe that taking action is the cure to anything.
At I breakdown and test the strategies and habits the world's most successful people (and even companies) use to grow.
When you read books and articles, are you often left feeling really inspired, but find yourself two weeks later and everything is still the same?
Me too, that's why my average blog post contains over 2,000 words of action-packed, step-by-step instructions.

Hal went through years of tweaking and testing, before he found a morning routine that worked for him - and he's only one of 1,000s offering great advice.

My goal is to give you an exact plan you can follow to take action right away.

Step 1: I read, experiment and test everything.

Step 2: You get step-by-step instructions for the best strategies.

For example:

You could research different morning routines, read several books, try all of them and find out none of them work for you 6 months later.


Or you can just take advantage of the research and testing I did already and start creating your own, customized morning routine 2 minutes from now.

That's what my Morning Routine Starter Kit is for. 

Even Hal thinks it's the way to go:

And he's not the only one...

“I'm coached by Niklas in building my morning routine and persisting with it. This perspective from someone so experienced was a real game changer for me. The result is I'm now following my morning routine just about every working day while being productive as never before!”
Michal, Data Analyst
Ready to take action?

Could a morning routine change your life?

I guess it could. But I'm just guessing.

What do you think?

Your results might surprise you.

What are you waiting for?

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